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Trust Me, whose first season starred Doctor Who‘s Jodie Whittaker, returns with Harry Potter‘s Alfred Enoch in the lead role.

Trust Me S2
Trust Me: Alfred Enoch as Corporal Jamie McCain — Photo by Anne Binckebanck © Red Production Company, courtesy of Hulu

Alfred Enoch (Harry Potter, How to Get Away with Murder) stars in Season 2 of Trust Me as Corporal James “Jamie” McCain, a soldier whose most recent tour of duty was in Syria. There he was shot during an ambush attack, and the resultant spinal injury has left him paralyzed, although he has “a good chance of rapid recovery.”

Now Jamie is in South Lothian Hospital in Scotland, where he is to stay for a while to recover from his physical injuries and psychological trauma. As he is wheeled into the spinal unit, a staff person is zipping up a body bag holding a male patient who died a couple of beds away a couple of hours ago.

In the bed across from Jamie is Danny Adams (Elliot Cooper), a wheelchair-bound military enthusiast who immediately cottons to the injured soldier. But the feeling is not mutual. Jamie is shut down and silent, probably from PTSD, and he sees Danny, who exhibits traits of a person on the autism spectrum, as a nuisance.

But Danny isn’t dissuaded from alerting Jamie to the dangers at hand — warning him that “we all have to be careful in here” and showing him data plotted on a graph to depict the hospital’s higher-than-average mortality rate. According to Danny, “there’s a killer on the ward.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Archie Watson (John Hannah, The Victim), the head of the spinal unit, discusses the recently deceased patient and new patient Jamie with his staff, including Debbie Dorrell (Ashley Jensen, Agatha Raisin), the physiotherapist and Archie’s secret lover, and Dr. Zoe Wade (Katie Clarkson-Hill, Hanna) and Dr. Alex Kiernan (Richard Rankin, Outlander), junior doctors who are engaged to be married.

And Sergeant Ellen Ashurst (Katie Lyons, Manhunt) arrives at the hospital to begin the investigation into the events that led to Jamie’s injuries and the deaths of fellow soldiers. Her visit to Jamie proves unfruitful, as he is reticent to speak about the incident. But his nightmares, night terrors, and hallucinations are plenty upsetting.

As Danny continues to track data about deaths at the hospital, Jamie continues to think Danny is a nutter… until Jamie witnesses a patient going into shock from a strange injury, and sees another, through the haze of medication, being carted away. In a body bag.

Jamie was already distrustful. Now he is paranoid. And worse is in store…

Whereas the thriller element in the first season of Trust Me relates to the lead character’s secret and the question of whether she will be found out, Season 2’s is steeped in the mystery of the deaths. Are they coincidences in a run of bad luck at the hospital? Or is there really a killer on the ward?

I’m halfway through the four-part season and I’m hooked, so I will be getting back to it forthwith to find out what’s what.

Trust Me: Season 2 premiered in the US today, August 12, and is now available for streaming exclusively on Hulu.


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Trust Me: Season 2 of Psychological Thriller Premieres Today in the US
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