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We don’t get a lot of shows from Wales in the United States, but given the quality of the ones we do have, we want more.

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This list is updated as new titles become available.

35 Days (mystery) — BritBoxBritBox on Amazon

Bang (crime drama-mystery)— Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon, Amazon Video

Beautiful but Broke (reality) — Prime Video

Recently added The Bench (legal drama) — Prime Video

Hidden (psychological crime drama) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon, Amazon Video

Hinterland (crime drama-mystery) — iTunes, Netflix

The Indian Doctor (period dramedy) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on AmazonAmazon Video, Hulu, iTunes (Season 1, Season 2, Season 3), Prime Video

Keeping Faith (drama) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon, Amazon Video

Living a Lie (drama) — MHz ChoiceMHz Choice on Amazon

MumDem (comedy) — Prime Video

Stella (dramedy) — Hulu

Torchwood (sci-fi drama) — iTunes (Series 1, Series 2, Children of Earth, Miracle Day), Prime Video, Vudu


Also available in the US are shows from Canada, Ireland, and Scotland.

For shows from Australia and New Zealand, visit The Down Under TV Place.

And for English-subtitled original-language shows from Europe, visit The Euro TV Place.


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