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O Canada. Folks can’t seem to get enough of TV shows from north of the border, so here’s a list of titles that are currently available for streaming in the United States.

Flag of Canada

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2nd Generation (drama) — Tubi

18 to Life (comedy) — IMDbTV, Tubi

19-2 (police drama) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon, Amazon Video, iTunes

21 Thunder (drama) — Freevee

72 Hours: True Crime (reality) — Prime Video

Adventure Inc. (action-adventure-fantasy drama) — Prime Video

Against the Ropes (reality) — Prime Video

Angry Planet (documentary) — Prime Video, Tubi

Ascension (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Aftermath (sci-fi drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Anne with an E (drama) — Netflix

The Aviators (infotainment) — Prime Video

Avoiding Apocalypse (documentary) — Prime Video

The Bachelor Canada (reality) — HBO Max

The Bachelorette Canada (reality) — HBO Max

Back in Time for Dinner (documentary) — Amazon Video

Beauty and the Beast (2012) (fantasy drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix

Being Erica (fantasy drama) — HBO Max, Hulu, iTunes, Prime Video

Being Human (supernatural drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Bellevue (mystery) — Prime Video

The Best of Stand-Up at WCF (comedy) — Prime Video

Between (sci-fi drama) — Netflix

Big Timber (reality) — Netflix

Bitten (supernatural drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Black Harbor (drama) — Prime Video

Black Hole High (sci-fi comedy) — Freevee

Blackstone (drama) — Prime Video, Tubi

The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco (mystery) (CA/UK) — Amazon Video, BritBox, BritBox on Amazon

Blood Ties (fantasy-horror) — Prime Video, Tubi

Bob and Margaret (animated comedy) (CA/UK) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Tubi

Bomb Girls (period drama) — Prime Video

The Book of Negroes (period drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

The Border (crime drama) — Prime Video

Boundless (documentary) — Prime Video

The Boy from Andromeda (sci-fi drama) (CA/NZ) — Prime Video

Brothers by Choice (drama) — Prime Video

Burden of Truth (legal drama) — The CW, Hulu, iTunes

By Icebreaker to the North Pole (documentary) — Freevee

Call Me Fitz (comedy) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Canada Hunts East (reality) — Prime Video

Caprica (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Cardinal (crime drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu

Carter (crime comedy-drama) — IMDbTV

Caught (drama) — Prime Video

Cedar Cove (drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Charlie Jade (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Prime Video

Chasing Monsters (reality) — Prime Video

Chef Abroad (cooking/travel) — Tubi

Chef Michael’s Kitchen (cooking) — Prime Video, Tubi

Cock’d Gunns (comedy) — Tubi

Cold Squad (crime drama) — Prime Video, Hulu, Tubi

Continuum (sci-fi crime thriller) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix

Continuum (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Prime Video

Corner Gas (comedy) — Prime Video

Cracked (crime drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Da Vinci’s City Hall (drama) — Prime Video

Dark Matter (sci-fi drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix

Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds (sci-fi drama) — Tubi

Darknet (horror) — Prime Video

Dead Like Me (supernatural drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Tubi

The Dead Zone (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, Prime Video, Tubi

The Delinquent Gourmet (travel-food) — Prime Video

DNA Dinners (reality) — Journy

Drag Heals (reality) — Prime Video, Amazon Video, Peacock, Tubi

The Dresden Files (fantasy drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, Tubi

The Drive: Season 2 (drama) — Prime Video

Durham County (crime drama) — Amazon Video, Prime Video, Tubi

Eat Yourself Sexy (reality) — Prime Video

Endgame (mystery) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Prime Video, Tubi

E-Town (comedy) — Best of British Television

La Femme Nikita (action drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

The Firm (drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

First Dates (Canada) (reality) — HBO Max

Flashpoint (police drama) — Hulu, iTunes, Prime Video, Tubi

Flavours of the West Coast (travel-food) — Prime Video

Forever Knight (supernatural crime drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Four Senses (cooking) — Prime Video

Frankie Drake Mysteries (period mystery drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Ovation, PBS Masterpiece on Amazon

Frontier (western) — Netflix

Fugget About It (animated comedy) — Hulu

G-Spot (comedy) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Gangland Undercover (docudrama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Grand Star (sci-fi) (Canada-France) — Prime Video

The Great War (docudrama) — Prime Video (Part 1, Part 2)

The Guard (drama) — Prime Video

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Also available in the US are shows from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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