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Shakespeare is for everyone, even folks who think otherwise. If you’re in that camp, give The Bard an(other) opportunity to show you that his work can be meaningful to you, as it is steeped in the various facets of the human condition — from ambition, conflict and love, to deception, suffering and transformation. And it’s entertaining!

So check out one or more of Shakespeare’s plays, or maybe his sonnets, using the lists below as a guide. Many are available to stream for free. Also listed are documentaries and other programs and films about or inspired by Shakespeare. Let him inspire you like he inspires me!


The information provided below is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every title adapted from, inspired by, or about Shakespeare and his works, or of every streaming availability of them in the US — but it’s still extensive. (Details are accurate as of November 17, 2023.)

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Shakespeare’s Comedies

Shakespeare’s Histories

Shakespeare’s Tragedies

Others of Shakespeare’s Works

Documentaries about Shakespeare and His Work

Programs & Films Celebrating / Inspired by Shakespeare

Controversies / Debates Surrounding Shakespeare


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