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Sarah Lancashire leads the cast of The Accident, a thought-provoking Jack Thorne drama co-produced by Hulu and Channel 4.

The Accident
The Accident: Sarah Lancashire as Polly Bevan — Photo by Warren Orchard/The Forge/Hulu

The Accident is the limited drama series that concludes Jack Thorne’s trilogy, which started with National Treasure and followed up by National Treasure: Kiri, both also co-productions of Channel 4 and Hulu.

In The Accident, three-time BAFTA winner Jack Thorne (His Dark Materials, This Is England) takes on the issue of corporate responsibility, with a nod to fake news as well, and reveals the extent to which individuals can and will go for the sake of truth and justice as well as self-preservation.

Set in the fictional, seemingly forgotten Welsh town of Glyngolau, the story opens with a celebration. Locals gather on a decorated field where Town Councillor Iwan Bevan (Mark Lewis Jones, Living a Lie, Keeping Faith) gives a rousing speech about the town’s soon-to-be-bright-again future, owing to the new construction project and the accompanying thousand jobs that he helped bring to Glyngolau.

In the crowd are Iwan’s wife, Polly (Sarah Lancashire, Kiri, Happy Valley, Last Tango in Halifax), along with friends Angela (Joanna Scanlan, No Offence, Getting On), Debbie (Genevieve Barr, The Silence, Press), and Greta (Eiry Thomas, Keeping Faith, Living a Lie).

Meanwhile, Polly and Iwan’s daughter, Leona (Jade Croot, The Witcher, Casualty), and several of her friends break into the construction site to mess about. Also on the property but unaware of the teens’ presence is Debbie’s husband, Alan (Kai Owen, Torchwood), the project’s foreman.

The kids’ parents are doing a charity run-walk when they hear a very loud and powerful bang. They soon discover there’s been an explosion. At the construction site. Where the entire structure soon collapses. On top of the teens.

What follows are the grief and anger experienced by the families who lost loved ones in the tragedy, and their desperate search for answers to how it happened and who is responsible. All eyes turn to and all fingers point to Harriet Paulsen (Sidse Babett Knudsen, Borgen, 1864, Westworld), SVP of Development Control at Kallbridge, the company managing the project and now trying to do serious damage control.

Harriet isn’t the only one the townspeople blame for the accident. Guilt by association puts Debbie in their crosshairs, too, as the destruction and deaths happened on her husband’s watch. Despite being a fatal victim, too, Alan is vilified in the press and on Glyngolau streets.

And behind the closed doors of certain Glyngolau homes and the Kallbridge offices are acts that are disturbing on so many levels — regardless of how they’re justified or explained away.

In the midst of everything are two outsiders: Martin Harris (Shaun Parkes, Line of Duty, The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies), one of just two people to survive the accident, and Philip Walters (Adrian Scarborough, Killing Eve, Blunt Talk), a stranger offering help to the families in mourning — for a price.

The four-episode drama costars Nabhaan Rizwan (Informer), Ruth Madeley (The Rook), and Kimberley Nixon (Fresh Meat).

The Accident, a Hulu Original series, premieres in the US tomorrow, Friday, November 22, exclusively on Hulu.


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The Accident: Thought-Provoking Drama Set to Debut in the US
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