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O Canada. Folks can’t seem to get enough of TV shows from north of the border, so here’s a list of titles that are currently available for streaming in the United States.

Flag of Canada

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Haven (supernatural drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix

Heartland (family drama) — Amazon Video, Dove Channel on Amazon, Hallmark Movies Now on Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix

Heavy Rescue: 401 (documentary) — Netflix

Hell on Wheels (western) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix

Highlander (fantasy drama) (CA/FR) — Amazon Video, CONtv on Amazon, Hulu, Freevee, iTunesTubi

Highlander: The Raven (fantasy drama) (CA/FR) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Prime Video

Houdini and Doyle (mystery) (CA/UK) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Sony Crackle

How It’s Made (documentary) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

Hudson & Rex (light crime drama-mystery) — Up Faith & Family

Ice Pilots (reality) — Prime Video

In-Law Wedding Wars (reality) — Best of British on Amazon

InSecurity (comedy) — Tubi

Intelligence (crime drama) — Amazon Video, Netflix

Jade Fever: Seasons 1-4 (reality) — Prime Video

Jeremiah (sci-fi drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Prime Video

Kevin Spencer (animated comedy) — Prime Video

The Kids in the Hall (comedy) — Amazon Video

The Kids in the Hall (2022 reboot) (comedy) — Prime Video

Killjoys (sci-fi drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Syfy

Kim’s Convenience (comedy) — Netflix

Kim's Convenience: The Complete Series

Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp (reality) — Prime Video

Last Stop Garage (reality) — Freevee

Letterkenny (comedy) — Amazon Video, Hulu

Lexx (sci-fi drama) (CA/UK/US) — Prime Video

Life with Derek (family comedy-drama) — Prime Video

Little Bird — Amazon Video, PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel

Little Bird

Little Men (drama) — Prime Video

Little Mosque on the Prairie (comedy) — iTunesPrime Video

Lost Girl (supernatural drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix

Love Food (food) — Prime Video

Love It or List It (reality) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

Maddy Goes (travel-food) — Prime Video

Mary Kills People (drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

Masters of Horror (horror) — Amazon Video

Meet the Family (reality) — Prime Video

Mohawk Girls (comedy-drama) — Peacock

Motive (mystery) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Mount Royal (drama) — Prime Video

Mr. D (comedy) — Prime Video

Murder She Solved: True Crime (true-crime documentary) — Freevee

The Murders (police procedural) — Sundance Now, Sundance Now on Amazon

The Murders

Murdoch Mysteries (mystery) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon, Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Ovation

Murdoch Mysteries The Complete Seasons 1-15

Murdoch Mysteries Season 16

Murdoch Mysteries: The Movies (mystery) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon, Amazon Video, iTunes

Museum Secrets (documentary) — Prime Video

The Next Step (family drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu

NightMan (supernatural drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video

Northern Mysteries (documentary) — Freevee

Northern Rescue (family drama) — Netflix

Nurses (medical drama) — NBC, Hulu

On Roughriders (documentary) — Prime Video

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (fantasy drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Open Heart (mystery) — Amazon Video, Pluto TV

Orphan Black (sci-fi drama) — iTunes, Prime Video

The Other Side (reality) — Freevee

The Outer Limits (1995) (sci-fi/horror) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

Outlaw Bikers (documentary) — Netflix

Painkiller Jane (sci-fi drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Tubi

Peacemakers (western crime drama) — Hulu, Yahoo View

The Pinkertons (western) — iTunes, Netflix

Pit Pony (period drama) — Tubi

Played (crime drama) — Prime Video

Pretty Hard Cases (comedy-crime drama) — Freevee

Primeval: New World (sci-fi drama) (CA/UK) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

Private Eyes (crime drama) — Amazon Video, ION TV, iTunes

Property Brothers (lifestyle) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Pure (drama) — Hulu

Queen of the Oil Patch (documentary) — Prime Video

Race to Mars (sci-fi) (Canada-France) — Prime Video

Raising Expectations (family) — Prime Video

Rawhide (reality) — Prime Video

Real Detective (true crime) — Amazon Video, iTunes

The Red Green Show (comedy) — YouTube (official channel)

ReGenesis (sci-fi drama) — Prime Video

Republic of Doyle (crime drama/comedy) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon, Hulu, IMDbTV/Prime Video, iTunes, Netflix

Rescue Mediums (reality) — Netflix

Rich Bride, Poor Bride (reality) — Prime Video, Tubi

Rich Groom, Poor Groom (reality) — Amazon Video, Tubi

Robocop: Prime Directives (sci-fi drama) — Crash and Burn: Amazon Video | Dark Justice: Amazon Video | Meltdown: Amazon Video | Resurrection: Amazon Video

Rogue (crime drama) (CA/UK) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Rookie Blue (police drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

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Also available in the US are shows from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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