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O Canada. Folks can’t seem to get enough of TV shows from north of the border, so here’s a list of titles that are currently available for streaming in the United States.

Flag of Canada

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Sanctuary (sci-fi drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Satisfaction (comedy) — Prime Video

Saving Hope (supernatural medical drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

Scam City (reality-documentary) — Prime Video

Schitt’s Creek (comedy) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix

Sea Wolf (adventure drama) (CA/DE) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Secrets of the Exhibit (documentary) — Prime Video

Seed (comedy) — Amazon Video

Sensitive Skin (comedy) — iTunes, Netflix

SGU Stargate Universe (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

Shimmy (exercise) — Amazon Video, Tubi

Shoot the Messenger (crime drama) — WGN America, Shout! Factory TV

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (dramedy) — Pilot: Amazon Video | Series: Amazon Video, iTunes

SisterS (comedy-drama) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon

Skymed (medical drama) — Paramount+, Paramount+ on Prime Video

Slasher (horror) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix

Slasher: Ripper (horror) — Shudder, Shudder on Amazon

Slip (fantasy comedy) — The Roku Channel

Smart Women Survival Guide (comedy) — Tubi

Son of a Critch (comedy) — The CW

Sort Of (comedy-drama) — MaxMax on Amazon

Spencer’s Big 30 (cooking) — Prime Video

The Stanley Dynamic (comedy) — Prime Video

Stargate Atlantis (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

Stargate Continuum (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video

Stargate SG-1 (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Prime Video

Stargate Universe (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Prime Video

Stargate Universe (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video

Starhunter Redux (sci-fi drama) — Prime Video

Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery (mystery) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon

Still Standing (comedy/reality) — Prime Video, Tubi

Storm Warnings (documentary) — Freevee

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (family sci-fi comedy) — Prime Video

Strange Empire (western) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix, Tubi

Street Legal (legal drama) — Freevee, Ovation TV

The Surgeons (documentary) — Prime Video

SurrealEstate (supernatural-mystery drama) — Syfy

Survivorman (reality) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Prime Video

This Is Pop (documentary) — Netflix

This Space for Rent (comedy) — Tubi

Tiny Plastic Men (comedy) — Prime Video

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (comedy-horror) — Prime Video

Tracker (sci-fi drama) — Tubi TV

Trailer Park Boys (Comedy) — iTunes, Netflix

Transplant (medical drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu, NBC, Peacock

Transplant: Season One

The Transporter: The Series (CA/FR/US/DE) (Action Drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Travelers (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, iTunes (Season 1, Season 2), Netflix

Tribal Police Files (documentary) — Best of British Television

Trickster (fantasy-mystery drama) — AMC+, The CW

Trickster: Season One

Tropical Heat (aka Sweating Bullets) (action drama) — Prime Video

Tut (Historical Drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Versailles (historical drama) (CA/FR) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix, Ovation

Vikings (historical/action drama) (CA/IE) — Hulu, iTunes (Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5), Prime Video

The Ward (documentary) — Prime Video

Warrior Women (documentary) (Canada/UK) — Prime Video

The Wedding Planners (drama) — Prime Video

When Calls the Heart (period drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix

Wight Space (sci-fi/horror) — Prime Video

Wild Cards (crime comedy-drama) — The CW

The Wild Roses (drama) — Freevee

Workin’ Moms (comedy) — Netflix

World Without End (period drama) (CA/UK/DE) — Amazon Video

Wynonna Earp (fantasy drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Syfy

X Company (wartime spy thriller) — Hulu

The X-Files (sci-fi drama) (CA/US) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes

XIII: The Series (action thriller) (CA/FR) — Amazon Video, iTunes

Zero Hour (docudrama) (CA/UK) — Prime Video, Tubi

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