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No introduction needed, right?

Doctor Who Season 8
Doctor Who – Image courtesy of Netflix

About a month and a half before the ninth season premieres on BBC America, Doctor Who: Season 8 makes its debut on Netflix US.

So if you haven’t already been binge-watching the first full season starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman as companion Clara, you will be able to very soon (provided you have a Netflix subscription).

As noted in this post, DW S8 was one of my favorite returning Brit series in 2014 for several reasons. The top five:

  1. Doctor Who S8 AIVPeter Capaldi
  2. Missy, aka The Master (Michelle Gomez)
  3. The episodes “Mummy on the Orient Express” and “Flatline”
  4. The return of Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver as UNIT’s Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Osgood, and Nick Frost as Santa
  5. Guest stars Zawe Ashton, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Keeley Hawes, and Hermione Norris, and especially Ben Miller as the Sheriff of Nottingham and Tom Riley as Robin Hood

All the Whovian goodness goes down at Netflix US beginning Saturday, 8 August 2015.


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Doctor Who: Season 8 Headed to Netflix US
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