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Stateside Brendan Coyle and Miranda Raison fans, rejoice. Spotless, the British/French co-production that is taking France by storm right now, is headed to the US.

Spotless - Marc-André Grondin, Denis Ménochet, Miranda Raison, Brendan Coyle
Spotless © Tandem Productions via Facebook

As noted in this post from last June, Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey) had just joined the cast of Spotless, which stars French actors Marc-André Grondin (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life) and Denis Ménochet (Inglourious Basterds) and costars fellow British actor Miranda Raison (MI-5).

Just now comes word from Variety that Esquire Network has picked up Spotless for US audiences.

Created by Ed McCardie (Shameless) and Corinne Marrinan (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), and produced by Tandem Productions (Crossing Lines) for France’s Canal+, the “dark, funny, sexy and dangerous” crime drama follows French immigrant Jean Bastiere (Grondin) and his brother Martin (Ménochet) as they navigate their way through the gangsters, corruption, drugs and death in the world of organized crime in London.

Jean, the conservative owner of a crime scene cleaning business, lives with wife Julie (Raison) and their two kids in a modest house on a quiet residential street in London. Business has been pretty steady until Jean gets unexpected news. Now cash is running low, and expenses are going up, given what they must pay to get their daughter into their school of choice.

Then the lets-it-all-hang-out Martin shows up from seemingly out of nowhere one day, after being incommunicado for years. He’s come to London to do a bit of business. Shady business. Illegal, even. And he asks Jean for help, the latter of whom agrees (against his better judgment), since he could really use the money if everything goes according to Hoyle.

Except it doesn’t.

And that’s just for starters.

The brother share a secret going back 25 years.

And mob boss Nelson Clay (Coyle) isn’t happy with them…

(Use the subtitle/CC option on YouTube to see English subtitles for the trailer)

Esquire Network is slated to premiere the ten-part Spotless this fall.


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Spotless: Crime Dramedy Featuring Brendan Coyle, Miranda Raison Set for US Cable Premiere