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Brit TV fans, it’s time to get your collectibles on, because Mr. Bean himself has partnered with Nerd Block to curate its new British Invasion set of goodies!

Mr Bean Curates British Invasion Nerd Block
Mr Bean Curates British Invasion Nerd Block. Image courtesy of Nerd Block.

As you may or may not recall, Mr. Bean, one of Britcom’s favorite zanies, celebrated his 25th anniversary this past January, and Tiger Aspect produced a new 2015 series of animated Mr. Bean episodes that premiered in February to mark the occasion.

Now Mr. Bean is turning his mostly dialogue-free attention to toys, by curating the British Invasion-themed set of collectibles for the June offering from Nerd Block, the world’s first premium subscription box dedicated specifically to nerds.

Of the partnership with Mr. Bean, Russ Montague, President of Nerd Block, said, “Mr. Bean’s family-friendly approach to humor makes him a perfect match for Nerd Block. He’s one of the biggest names in British comedy and no matter what mood you might happen to be in, you always feel better after seeing one of his comedy sketches. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. There’s just something about him that resonates amazingly well with so many people around the world.”

According to insiders, the British Invasion theme and Mr. Bean’s worldwide popularity made his partnership with Nerd Block for the June collection the perfect fit. Maybe too perfect. He tried to fit inside one of the boxes, not unlike…

Montague added, “We decided early on that if we were going to have Mr. Bean as part of the British Invasion Nerd Block, we might as well have him help us curate the contents of the block. Nerds have come to appreciate a lot of great storytelling that has come out of Britain, whether it be comedy, science fiction, or drama, so this Nerd Block contains a little something from a few different genres. We’ve never done anything quite like this, and think people are gonna love it!

“Like everything he’s ever done, Mr. Bean brought a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm to working with us. […] He doesn’t say much, but he was able communicate with us via hilariously complicated gesticulating. All the items in this month’s block were, to the best of our understanding, chosen by him.”

(A Nerd Block fan asked on the company’s Facebook page, “So, is Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean himself, going to curate this? Don’t be pulling my leg now!” To which Nerd Block responded, “No leg pulling, we promise!”)

British Invasion Nerd Block
British Invasion Nerd Block. Image courtesy of Nerd Block.

Subscribers to Nerd Block receive an exclusive ShirtPunch t-shirt, plus 4-6 toys and collectibles every month from companies such as Mattel, Hasbro, and NECA.

For the British Invasion Nerd Block, subscribers can expect at least one Mr. Bean item, along with collectibles from other famous and well-loved British series, including Doctor Who and Monty Python. (Fingers crossed for our very own Teddy!)

To get in on the goodies curated by Mr. Bean, visit the Nerd Block wesbite. Better hurry, though, because the sign-up for June subscriptions closes soon.


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Mr. Bean Curates British Invasion-Themed Collectibles Set for Nerd Block
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