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This fall Ovation TV will be taking viewers to the Caribbean by way of the hit Brit mystery series Death in Paradise.

Death in Paradise
Death in Paradise: Sara Martins as DS Camille Bordey & Ben Miller as DI Richard Poole — Photo © Red Planet Pictures 2011, courtesy of Ovation TV

Ovation TV has acquired the first six seasons of Death in Paradise, the popular whodunit series set on the (fictional) island of Saint Marie in the Caribbean.

The long-running program — known for its quirky, fish-out-of-water lead detectives, intricate murder mystery plots, numerous guest stars, and big-reveal conclusions, not to mention gorgeous sun, sand, and surf scenery — features an international cast that includes Ben Miller (I Want My Wife Back), Kris Marshall (Sanditon), Ardal O’Hanlon (My Hero), Sara Martins (Detectives), Danny John-Jules (Red Dwarf), Joséphine Jobert (Avenue 5), Gary Carr (The Deuce), Don Warrington (The Five), and Élizabeth Bourgine (Elite Squad).

Starting October 1, Ovation TV will air back-to-back episodes of Death in Paradise in four-hour blocks, from 7:00-11:00 PM ET / 4:00-7:00 PM PT, on Thursday nights. The schedule is as follows:

Death in Paradise: Season One

  • Episodes 1-4 — October 1 — DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is sent to Saint Marie to investigate the murder of a fellow British detective inspector. After taking over for the deceased at the Honoré Police, Poole’s next cases involve the murders of a bride, a voodoo priestess, and a missing husband.
  • Episodes 5-8 — October 8 — Richard investigates the murders of a prisoner, an experienced diver, the lead singer of a rock band, and a police informant.

Death in Paradise: Season Two

  • Episodes 1-4 — October 15 — DI Poole and his team investigates the deaths of a sugar plantation owner, a teenage nun, a plastic surgery patient, and a treasure hunter.
  • Episodes 5-8 — October 22 — Richard investigates the murders of an aspiring singer, a British tourist, a researcher, and a philanthropist.

Death in Paradise: Season Three

  • Episodes 1-4 — October 29 — Similar to what brought DI Richard Poole to Saint Marie, Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) arrives on the island to investigate the murder of a fellow detective. With his wife having left him, Humphrey decides not to return to the UK but to stay on Saint Marie, where he also investigates the deaths of a horror-film stand-in, a gigolo, and a flight attendant.
  • Episodes 5-8 — November 5 — Humphrey and his team investigate the deaths of Saint Marie’s commerce minister, a birdwatcher, a land developer, and a newly-retired senior citizen.

Death in Paradise: Season Four

  • Episodes 1-4 — November 12 — DI Goodman investigates the murders of a rum distillery owner, a surf school owner, the president of the Saint Marie Heritage Society, and a bachelorette.
  • Episodes 5-8 — November 19 — Humphrey and the Honoré Police officers investigate the deaths of a pop group’s lead singer, a high-profile volleyball player, an overbearing boss, and a prisoner.

Death in Paradise: Season Five

  • Episodes 1-4 — November 26 — Goodman & co investigate the murders of a millionaire philanthropist, Saint Marie’s outgoing governor, a fashion model, and the friend of an officer.
  • Episodes 5-8 — December 3 — DI Goodman investigates the deaths of a businessman, a restaurateur, a treasure hunter, and a tourist.

Death in Paradise: Season Six

  • Episodes 1-4 — December 10 — DI Humphrey Goodman investigates the deaths of a volcanologist, the former classmate of a Sergeant, a hotel manager, and a cricket club president.
  • Episodes 5-8 — December 17 — The murder of a party-goer in Saint Marie leads the Honoré Police team to London. There, Detective Inspector Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon) agrees to replace Humphrey on Saint Marie after the latter decides to stay in the UK. Mooney’s first cases on the island involve the deaths of a tourist and a mayoral candidate.

In addition to the linear TV broadcasts on Ovation TV, episodes of Death in Paradise will also be available for on-demand viewing through viewers’ cable providers.


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Death in Paradise: Fan-Favorite British Mystery Series to Air on Ovation TV
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