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Pluto TV is set to bring a whole heap of programs from the BBC Studios library to viewers in the US, including Classic Doctor Who and Antiques Roadshow.

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If you don’t already know about or use Pluto TV, allow me to introduce you. It’s an ad-supported streaming TV service that lets US-based viewers watch the content on its 100+ live and on-demand channels for free. There are thousands of movies and television shows from major film studios and TV networks on Pluto TV, and you can stream them til the cows come home on all mobile, web, and connected TV streaming devices.

(I’ve been using Pluto TV to watch Sky News, the Slow TV channel, and more — and to listen to the ’80s music channel — for at least a couple years through the Pluto TV channel on my Roku 3 and the Pluto TV app on my computer, tablet, and phone.)

There’s something for practically everyone on Pluto TV, and soon there will be loads of shows for stateside British TV fans.

In furthering its mission to “entertain the planet,” Pluto TV has done a deal to bring some of the most popular and evergreen programs in BBC Studios’ vast library to stateside audiences — content that totals nearly 1,000 episodes and 700+ hours of viewing.

A few titles amongst the programs that will be shown on Pluto TV are the BAFTA-nominated sci-fi adventure series Primeval, starring Douglas Henshall (Shetland), the hit action-adventure drama series Robin Hood, and the award-winning Canadian comedy-drama series Being Erica.

For two iconic, internationally-recognized, and perennial favorite BBC shows, Pluto TV is launching dedicated Pop-Up channels.

The one for Antiques Roadshow will include 300+ episodes of the is-it-trash-or-treasure series, with new episodes being added each quarter.

The Classic Doctor Who pop-up channel will feature 200+ episodes of the sci-fi megahit, including “Planet of the Spiders” and “Terror of the Autons” starring Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor; “The Deadly Assassin,” “The Ark in Space” and “The Robots of Death” starring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor; “Earthshock” and “The Caves of Androzani” starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor; and “The Dalek Invasion Of Earth” starring the very first Doctor, William Hartnell.

The BBC Studios content will launch on Pluto TV in May 2019.


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Pluto TV Bringing BBC Studios Content to Its Free TV Streaming Platform
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