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The latest series of George Gently premieres this week on both sides of the pond, and fans of the hit detective drama in the US get a rare treat: We get to watch it before viewers in the UK do. Woot!

George Gently
George Gently © BBC

George Gently: Series 6 makes its debut in the US and Canada exclusively on Acorn TV — three days in advance of its premiere as Series 7 on BBC One in the UK — and brings four more intense crime stories featuring the titular inspector.

“Gently Between the Lines”
It’s 1969, six months after the shootings at Durham Cathedral that nearly claimed the lives of Inspector George Gently (Martin Shaw, Judge John Deed, The Chief) and DS John Bacchus (Lee Ingleby, White Heat, Place of Execution). Both have been scarred physically and mentally by the horrific events, but while Gently has been pushing himself back to fitness and is now back at work, Bacchus has resigned from the force during his recuperation in a police convalescent home.

Initially shocked by the news, the inspector soon realizes that his sergeant’s confidence had been shaken to the core. To help him regain it, Gently insists that Bacchus help him investigate a death in custody while serving out his notice. They head to Newcastle, where the victim — one of several people arrested following a street protest — was discovered dead in the cells by WPC Rachel Coles (Lisa McGrillis, Hebburn). Although a clear cause of death hasn’t yet been established, the dead man’s body does show signs of injury.

As Gently and Bacchus delve into the case, there are seemingly more questions than answers about the victim’s past, events leading up to the protests and arrests, and actions taken by the police before, during and after them. And the detectives find themselves in danger once again…

“Blue For Bluebird”
Gently and Bacchus investigate the death of a girl after her body is found near the Bluebird Holiday Camp, where she had been an entertainer popular among the staff and holiday-makers alike. But all is not what it seems at the family-oriented resort, and alibis are not adding up.

With help from PC Coles, now part of the support system for Gently and Bacchus at the police station, the detectives discover that employees and guests have been participating in activities beyond family-focused ones. A different picture of the victim and her relationships also begins to emerge.

In their own family matters, Bacchus is trying to gain more access to his daughter from his ex-wife, and Gently is grieving for his wife on the anniversary of her death.

“Gently with Honour”
An ex-serviceman has committed a murder at a Turkish bath, witnesses confirm his identity, and Bacchus is thrilled that this is a straightforward case. Except it isn’t. Another man, one who is more than a passing acquaintance to the killer, soon turns up dead as well. His death, missing papers, and bequests lead Gently and Bacchus to a doctor with connections to both men, an Army drugs testing facility, and a possible Cold War conspiracy.

The plot thickens when the killer’s brother sets out to discover the truth about what happened to his sibling and exact revenge. Gently, who is now trying to make amends for inaction during his time in service, must race to get to the real culprit before even more people are hurt.

“Gently Going Under”
Gently and Bacchus are called to the close-knit community of Burnsend to investigate the suspicious death of a coal miner, a union man who had fought hard alongside others to keep the mine open after it was threatened with closure. But did he sell his union comrades down the river in the process?

As Gently and Bacchus dig deeper into the conflicts and tensions that are rife within the pit community, they discover grudges dating back to World War II and a secret affair that could be the linchpin in the case. Gently’s fitness is also called into question during the investigation.

The first feature-length episode of George Gently: Series 6 premieres on Acorn TV tomorrow, Monday, 3 February 2014, and on BBC One (as Series 7) on Thursday, 6 February, with the remaining three episodes debuting weekly thereafter.



Martin Shaw Is Back as George Gently in New Series of Hit Crime Drama
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