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You, Me & Them — the first sitcom commissioned by the UKTV network’s Gold classic comedy channel — has brought together several stars of British TV for a romcom sitcom that premieres stateside today.

You, Me & Them
You, Me & Them © Gold / BBC Worldwide

Meet Lauren Grey (Eve Myles, Torchwood, Frankie) and Ed Walker (Anthony Head, Merlin, Manchild). She’s a 32-year-old veterinary nurse, he’s the 59-year-old semi-retired owner of a national chain of garages. Not giving a toss about their nearly 30-year age difference, they have been dating for six months, are happy in love, and recently began living together in his home.

Enter “them” — family and friends of the couple who include, amongst others, Lauren’s interfering parents, Emma and Clive Grey, played by Susie Blake (Mrs. Brown’s Boys, Coronation Street) and Jeff Rawle (Hollyoaks, Holby City), and Ed’s stalker ex-wife, Lydia (Lindsay Duncan, Rome, Mansfield Park).

The Greys disapprove of Lauren’s May-December relationship with Ed and make no bones about wanting it to end yesterday. And Lydia, who lives across the street, pops by unannounced and uninvited and does her off-her-head best to get Ed to dump Lauren and get back with her. Cue laughs.

Over the course of the series’ six episodes, Ed and Lauren’s relationship is tested, and not just by the near-constant meddling. Cohabitating is one thing; having Ed’s looking-for-love, layabout brother, Alan (Nigel Betts, Emmerdale), living under the same roof, too, can be plain awkward. Their respective pasts coming back to haunt them doesn’t help either.

Executive produced by Helen Williams (Spy) and Jimmy Mulville (Outnumbered), You, Me, & Them premieres in the US today, exclusively on Acorn TV.



New Britcom You, Me & Them Debuts in the US
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