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Good news, Ripper Street fans! Season Two is on its way!

Ripper StreetBBC America announced today that the second season of its hit Victorian-era crime series will be returning to our screens in December!

The eight-episode-long Season 2 of Ripper Street opens in 1890. As the 19th century enters its final decade and the modern world of the 20th century looms on the horizon, Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen), Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn), Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg), and madam Long Susan (Myanna Buring) experience ever more keenly the effects of the declining British Empire’s problems in the East End of London.

Moral collapse. Ever-present crime. And H Division in the thick of all of it… Ooh, sounds positively criminal in an entertainment kind of way.

Ripper Street: Season 2 premieres Sunday, 1 December, at 10:00PM Saturday, 22 February 2014 at 9:00 PM Eastern on BBC America.



Ripper Street: Season 2 Premieres This Autumn [UPDATED]