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Bananarama ain’t got nothin’ on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special when it comes to “I heard a rumor.” That said, however, this one might actually be true.

Doctor Who: Joanna Page, David Tennant, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Matt Smith
Joanna Page, David Tennant, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Matt Smith © BBC

Word on the street — from unnamed source(s) at the BBC — has it that the BBC wants to ensure that there is no possibility — zero, zip, nada, nil — of fans divulging any spoilers about the special to viewers-in-waiting in other parts of the world. Thus, according to said source, it is planning to implement a worldwide “simulcast” of the program to 100 million+ viewers across 200+ countries.

If this is true, then Whovians in the U.S. will have to adjust their afternoon plans for 23 November.

The special will premiere at 8PM local time in the UK, which translates to these times in the States:

  • 3PM Eastern
  • 2PM Central
  • 1PM Mountain
  • 12PM Pacific

A worldwide simulcast would be da bomb, and whoever makes it happen would be da man (just like the Eleventh Doctor, no matter that he said he’d never say that phrase again).

Anyhoo (or should that be anyWho?), stay tuned. This rumor could be for real.

Sources: Express.co.uk, The Drum



Global Simulcast for Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special?
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