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Jimmy Fallon is one seriously funny guy. His talent for spoofing the spoofable of pop culture went epic during this past Friday’s show, when he and others from his Late Night program parodied the phenom fantasy series Game of Thrones.


Watch Fallon as he goes all Eddard Stark on us, while show staff and members of Late Night‘s house band, The Roots, play various other Thrones-like characters. There are plenty of laughs and a few surprises, so I’m going to stop here because spoilers would, well, spoil it.

Watch the battle for the Iron Desk at Rockefell in the full Game of Desks video here!

And be sure to visit the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon channel on YouTube, where you can watch this and others of the show’s videos, including all episodes of the Downton Abbey parody, Downton Sixbey.


“Game of Desks”: Jimmy Fallon’s Hilarious “Game of Thrones” Parody
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