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Heads up: The first anniversary celebration for Acorn TV is drawing to a close, and the free trial for its 24/7, commercial-free online streaming service is ending on August 31. So get it while the getting’s good and sign up for it today.

Acorn TV
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Here’s the deal: You can watch ALL of the British TV episodes that Acorn TV is streaming from now through the end of the month for nada, zip, zero. All you have to do is register. If you don’t register, you can still watch the one free episode per show that Acorn TV makes available to everyone, but not the rest.

Programs being streamed through Sunday, August 19, include: Doc Martin, Foyle’s War, I, Claudius, James May’s 20th Century, Midsomer Murders, Pie In the Sky, Single-Handed, Time Team, Touching Evil, Upstairs, Downstairs, Vera, and Vexed.

At midnight that night, Pie In the Sky and Time Team will drop off, so if you want to watch any of the streamed episodes of these shows, you only have a couple of days left to do so. In their place will be A Fine Romance, George Gently, and Thomas & Sarah, along with the other listed shows for next week’s slate of programs.

If you decide to stay with Acorn TV after the free trial period, make sure you get your membership by August 31 to lock in the current $24.99/year pricing. Once September 1 rolls around, the price goes up to $29.99/year.

In addition to being able to stream the Acorn TV programs to your PC, iPad, and mobile device, you can now stream it to your Nook tablet, too. And with a Roku streaming media device, you can watch Acorn TV on your TV.

Lastly, any purchases you make at Acorn Online have free standard shipping, with no minimum purchase required, during your membership period. (For U.S. addresses only.)

And now that Acorn TV is expanding its streaming menu to 18 series at a time and making each season available for 6 weeks, you’ll have even more shows that you can access — 125+ hours worth — every month. With that much British TV programming available to you instantly, the $24.99/year is a good deal.

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out. And enjoy your weekend!


Hurry! Acorn TV Free Trial Ending Soon
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