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August brings the national premieres of seventeen new shows and seasons to the US, the local premiere of a travel docuseries’ new season, and more.

British TV Premieres in August 2023

For updates about shows from the UK, Canada, and Ireland added to US linear TV and streaming channels throughout the month, see the British TV Viewing Guide.

Programs and dates are subject to change without prior notice.

Videos below may contain content that is not suitable for everyone.

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Breeders: Season 4 (UK)

Technically, the fourth and final season of this hit comedy-drama series premieres in the US tonight, but what’s a few hours, right? Anyhoo, this season opens five years after the events in Season 3, bringing the biggest parenting challenge that Paul (Martin Freeman, The Responder) and Ally (Daisy Haggard, Back to Life) have ever faced. Eighteen-year-old Luke (Oscar Kennedy, Ladhood) drops a bombshell at Christmas dinner that will change everyone’s lives forever, while 16-year-old Ava (Zoë Athena) meets and falls for the charismatic Holly (Jessie Williams). Paul and Ally continue to try, fail, and try again as they face these latest parenting challenges, while also having to support the increasingly troubled Jim (Alun Armstrong, Tom Jones) and Jackie (Joanna Bacon, Prime Suspect: Tennison).

Breeders: Season 4 premieres in the US tonight, Monday, July 31, at 10 PM ET, on FX, with streaming starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 1, exclusively on Hulu.

Granite Harbour (UK)

This crime drama follows Lance Corporal Davis Lindo (Romario Simpson, Django), who envisions becoming a Scotland Yard detective after completing his tour with the Royal Military Police. However, he finds himself training as a Detective Constable in Aberdeen in the northeast of Scotland instead.

Costars include Dawn Steele (Monarch of the Glen), Hannah Donaldson (Annika), Michelle Jeram (The Split), Bhav Joshi (Crime), Katia Winter (Sleepy Hollow), and Gary Lewis (Billy Elliot). Granite Harbour premieres in North America as a 3-episode binge on Tuesday, August 1, exclusively on BritBox.

Epic Train Journeys from Above (UK)

This six-part travel docuseries follows some of the world’s most extraordinary railway journeys from above and on the ground, taking the audience on an adventure of a lifetime. Viewers fly above spectacular scenery and explore exceptional engineering, meeting the people who maintain and run these incredible railroads as well as those who live alongside them. Epic Train Journeys from Above premieres in the US on Wednesday, August 2, exclusively on the PBS Living Channel.

Mark Cavendish: Never Enough (UK)

This documentary charts the meteoric rise, tragic downfall, and unbelievable comeback of professional cyclist Mark Cavendish. Mark Cavendish: Never Enough, a Netflix Film, premieres globally on Wednesday, August 2, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

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Heartstopper: Season 2 (UK)

Following on from the events in Season 1, the new season of this hit romantic drama sees Nick (Kit Connor, Rocketman) and Charlie (Joe Locke, Agatha: Coven of Chaos) navigate their new relationship; Tara (Corinna Brown, Doctors) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) face unforeseen challenges; and Tao (William Gao, Sunrise) and Elle (Yasmin Finney, Doctor Who) work out if they can ever be more than just friends. With exams on the horizon, a school trip to Paris, and a prom to plan, the gang has a lot to juggle as they journey through the next stages of life, love, and friendship.

Heartstopper: Season 2, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Thursday, August 3, exclusively on Netflix.

Wrongly Accused: Season 1 (UK)

In this new true-crime docuseries, investigative reporter Louise Shorter revisits some of the greatest miscarriages of justice in British criminal history — cases where lives were destroyed when individuals were wrongly accused of murders they did not commit. Each case is covered in two episodes, with Shorter examining the original investigation which led to the innocent being accused in the first episode, and investigating the evidence that eventually caught the real murderer in the second. During the series, Shorter meets the wrongly accused, family members, and those close to the case, as well as looks at the mistakes that were made and the consequences of a killer walking free. In doing so, she reveals the tipping-point moments when justice failed and how the wrongs of the law were eventually righted to put the real killer behind bars.

Wrongly Accused: Season 1, a Sundance Now Original Series, premieres in the US and Canada on Thursday, August 3, exclusively on Sundance Now. Two-part episodes will drop each week through the season finale on August 31.

The Ex-Wife (UK)

Based on Jess Ryder’s hit psychological thriller novel of the same name, this miniseries tells the story of Tasha (Celine Buckens, Showtrial), a young woman who feels like she is living the dream: She has the perfect house, a loving husband (Tom Mison, Sleepy Hollow), and a beautiful little girl. But there’s one large blot: Her husband’s ex-wife (Janet Montgomery, New Amsterdam) won’t leave them alone and seems intent on staying in the picture. When Tasha returns home one day to find her life turned upside down, she realizes that the dream she is living may be about to turn into a nightmare.

The Ex-Wife premieres in the US as a 4-episode binge on Thursday, August 10, exclusively on BritBox.

At Home With The Furys (UK)

This docusoap follows undefeated heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury as he navigates retirement and his mental health, and embraces the eccentricities of hectic family life alongside his wife Paris, brother Tommy, and fiancée Molly Mae Hague.

At Home With The Furys, a Netflix series, premieres globally on Wednesday, August 16, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

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Depp vs. Heard (UK)

This three-part docuseries examines the infamous defamation case that captured the world’s attention and became the world’s first trial by TikTok. Showing both testimonies side by side for the first time, it explores this global media event, questioning the nature of truth and the role it plays in our modern society.

Depp vs. Heard, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Wednesday, August 16, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

The Winter King (UK)

Based on Bernard Cornwell’s “Warlord Chronicles” series of novels, this drama is set in the fifth century, long before Britain was united, in a brutal land of warring factions and tribes, where lives were often fleeting. The ten-episode series follows Arthur Pendragon (Iain De Caestecker, The Control Room, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as he evolves from outcast to legendary warrior and leader.

Costars include Eddie Marsan (The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe) as High King Uther, Ellie James (Giri/Haji) as Nimue, Nathaniel Martello-White (Small Axe) as Merlin, Stuart Campbell (Rogue Heroes) as Derfel, Daniel Ings (I Hate Suzie) as Owain, Valene Kane (The Fall) as Morgan, Jordan Alexandra (Bridgerton) as Guinevere, and Simon Merrells (Knightfall) as Gundleus. (For further cast details, read this article.)

The Winter King, an MGM+ Original series, premieres in the US on Sunday, August 20, at 9 PM ET/PT, exclusively on MGM+.

Who Is Erin Carter? (US-UK)

This drama thriller centers on a British expat in Barcelona, whose tranquil life spirals out of control when an armed robbery at a supermarket exposes her secret… and violent past. The cast includes Douglas Henshall (Shetland), Charlotte Vega (Warrior Nun), Sean Teale (Reign), and Evin Ahmad (Snabba Cash), amongst others. Who Is Erin Carter?, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Thursday, August 24, exclusively on Netflix.

Inside No. 9: Season 8 (UK)

This award-winning anthology from Steve Pemberton (Psychoville) and Reece Shearsmith (The League of Gentleman) returns with six more deliciously dark tales where the ordinary and mundane rub shoulders with the extraordinary and macabre. With its unique blend of comedy, drama, horror, and thriller, the new season will delight and confound with plots ranging from online speed-dating to murderous mind games, from a fear of Fridays to a lakeside love nest, and from East End gangsters to the bones of a dead saint.

Guest stars includes Shobna Gulati (Murder, They Hope), Simon Callow (Four Weddings and a Funeral), Anita Dobson (EastEnders), Phil Daniels (Endeavour), Amanda Abbington (Sherlock), Samantha Spiro (Sex Education), Claire Rushbrook (Sherwood), Mathew Horne (Gavin & Stacey), Lee Mack (Not Going Out), and Sheila Reid (Dial M for Middlesbrough), amongst others.

Inside No. 9: Season 8 premieres in North America as a 6-episode binge on Friday, August 25, exclusively on BritBox.


Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn (UK)

Inspired by the acclaimed book Boundless by The Wall Street Journal reporters Nick Kostov and Sean McLain, Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn tells the riveting story of CEO-turned-fugitive Carlos Ghosn and his relentless climb to the top of the corporate ladder, shocking arrest, and unbelievable escape that stunned the world. The four-part docuseries includes never-before-seen interviews with the prime players who lived in the Ghosn orbit, such as Mike Taylor, the former Green Beret who orchestrated Ghosn’s harrowing escape, as well as footage of Ghosn’s rise to corporate power in Japan, his several arrests, and the details of his harrowing escape to Lebanon. It also features in-depth access to the man in the middle of it all — Carlos Ghosn — who, for the first time, tells his side of this ongoing, global news story, from start to finish.

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn premieres globally on Friday, August 25, exclusively on Apple TV+.

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Attenborough: Behind the Lens (UK)

With the culmination of his epic series about the planet, the world expected Sir David Attenborough to call an end to his extraordinary 65-year career — but the lure of innovative technology led him to the most prolific period of his career. With classic clips, new footage, and interviews, this documentary looks at the man behind the screen and reveals Sir David Attenborough as he has never been seen before. Attenborough: Behind the Lens premieres in the US on Saturday, August 26, at 8 PM ET/PT, on BBC America, with streaming available on AMC+ the same day.

The Chelsea Detective: Season 2 (UK)

The new season of this terrific mystery series brings new cases for Detective Inspector Max Arnold (Adrian Scarborough, Killing Eve) and the team to investigate. Max is joined by sharp and quick-witted Detective Sergeant Layla Walsh (Vanessa Emme, Dublin Murders) from Exeter police, who quickly gets used to Max’s unique style and will occasionally roll her eyes at the worst excesses of Chelsea. The Chelsea Detective: Season 2, an Acorn TV Original, premieres in the US and Canada on Monday, August 28, exclusively on Acorn TV.

The Museum: Season 2 (UK/Wales)

Following on from the events in Season 1, the new season of this critically-acclaimed Welsh-language drama finds Della (Nia Roberts, Hidden) temporarily reassigned from her role as director of a museum in Cardiff and now running a museum in a rural town in West Wales. Despite the change, Della finds that the world of art crime follows her wherever she goes…

The Museum: Season 2 premieres in North America as a 6-episode binge on Monday, August 28, exclusively on BritBox.

The Pact: Season 2 (UK)

Season 2 of this anthology thriller series stars BAFTA winner Rakie Ayola (Anthony) as Christine, who, along with sons Will (Lloyd Everitt, Silent Witness) and Jamie (Aaron Anthony, Behind Her Eyes) and daughter Megan (Mali Ann Rees, Fflam), is trying to move forward after the recent tragic death of their son and brother, Liam. Then the family’s lives are turned upside down when a stranger, Connor (Jordan Wilks, Lagging), arrives in town, claiming a connection that nobody could have imagined. As buried secrets come to light, they must consider who they are and grapple with morality and divided loyalty. And while their lives spiral out of control, a terrible pact may be all that can save them.

The Pact: Season 2 has its SVOD premiere in the US and Canada on Thursday, August 31, exclusively on Sundance Now. Following the two-episode premiere, new episodes will drop every Thursday until the season finale on September 28.

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Select public TV stations and regional networks will begin airing the program(s) below on or after August 1. Check you local listings or contact the station that serves your area for air dates and times. To request the shows, contact your public TV station or American Public Television.

Britain by Beach: Season 2 (UK)

Britain is an island of over a thousand beaches, many of which are the sites of significant moments in history across the centuries. From Victorian engineering buried under the Cornish sand, and repelled invasions on the Welsh coast, to the tragedy of the country’s worst lifeboat disaster, series presenter Anita Rani meets historians and locals whose lives have been touched by these events. Britain by Beach: Season 2 is confirmed for airing on Idaho Public Television, Iowa PBS, KRSU, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Oregon Public Broadcasting, WETA, WNED, and WPBS.


Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland (UK)

From the makers of the BAFTA- and Emmy® Award-winning Once Upon a Time in Iraq comes this five-part docuseries that explores the decades-long conflict in Northern Ireland known as “The Troubles.” It tells the story through the testimony of ordinary men, women, and children who were drawn, both willingly and unwillingly, into the bitter clashes that rocked the nation, and who are still struggling to hold on to a fragile peace today.

Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland has its linear debut on Monday, August 28, at 9 PM ET, on PBS (check your local listings). (Streaming is already available on PBS.org and the PBS app.)

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Acorn TV logo 2019

Titles in this section begin streaming on the dates shown below on Acorn TV and its digital channels, including Acorn TV on Amazon.

The Great Train Robbery (UK)

This two-part drama tells the story of the real-life 1963 event known as the Great Train Robbery, in which a gang of 15 robbers, led by mastermind Bruce Reynolds (Luke Evans, The Pembrokeshire Murders), attacked a train and got away with more than £2.6 million. Part 1 tells the story from the robbers’ point of view, detailing how the robbery was inspired, planned, rehearsed, and executed; Part 2 takes a look at the police investigation into the robbery, led by London DCS Tommy Butler (Jim Broadbent, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?), as the team of detectives try to identify every criminal involved in the crime and bring them to justice before they flee England. The Great Train Robbery begins streaming Monday, August 7.

The Lost King (UK)

Based on a true story, this comedy-drama sees an amateur historian defy the stodgy academic establishment in her efforts to find King Richard III’s remains, which were lost for over 500 years. Starring Harry Lloyd (The Theory of Everything), Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water) and Steve Coogan (Philomena), and directed by Stephen Frears (The Queen), The Lost King begins streaming Monday, August 7.

A Tale of Two Thieves (UK)

This documentary is about the real-life “Great Train Robbery,” the incredible 1963 heist pulled off by fifteen men in the countryside in England, netting them the equivalent of $85 million in today’s value. The film features Gordon Goody, one of the instigators of the crime, for the first time ever, revealing the identity of the missing mastermind behind Britain’s most famous heist: the elusive and mysterious “Ulsterman.” A Tale of Two Thieves begins streaming Monday, August 7.

AMC+ logo

Titles in this section begin streaming on the dates shown below on AMC+ and its digital channels, including AMC+ on Amazon.

Killing Eve: Seasons 1-4 (US-UK)

Starring Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) and Jodie Comer (The White Princess), this hit drama series follows an epic game of cat and mouse between two women: Eve (Oh), a bored, whip-smart, pay-grade MI5 security officer whose desk-bound job doesn’t fulfill her fantasies of being a spy, and Villanelle (Comer), a mercurial, talented assassin who clings to the luxuries her violent job affords her. Killing Eve: Seasons 1-4 begins streaming Thursday, August 24.

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Titles in this section begin streaming on the dates shown below on BritBox and its digital channels, including BritBox on Amazon.

Murder Investigation Team: Seasons 1-2 (UK)

From the makers of The Bill, this crime drama reveals the gritty reality of police work, where success is part grueling procedure and part gut instinct. Leading an elite squad of detectives in London, brusque DI Vivien Friend (Samantha Spiro, Ridley Road) and intuitive DC Rosie MacManus (Lindsey Coulson, EastEnders) single-mindedly pursue those who do unthinkable deeds in the nation’s capital. Murder Investigation Team: Seasons 1-2 begins streaming Tuesday, August 8.

Rumpole of the Bailey: Seasons 1-7 (UK)

Based on John Mortimer‘s popular “Rumpole” novels, this fan-favorite series takes a satirical look at criminal law and the workings of the Old Bailey. It stars Leo McKern (A Man for All Seasons) as Horace Rumpole, a barrister who spouts Wordsworth to himself and is famed amongst his colleagues for his battered hat and general slovenliness. His wife, known as “She who must be obeyed,” sometimes thinks Rumpole has been so busy playing parts in courts that he’s lost all trace of his own identity. Rumpole of the Bailey: Seasons 1-7 begins streaming Tuesday, August 15.

A Room with a View (UK)

Based on E.M. Forster‘s novel of the same name, this period drama, the winner of three Academy Awards®, stars Helena Bonham-Carter (The Crown) as Lucy Honeychurch, a young Englishwoman who is touring Italy with her older cousin (Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey). At a hotel in Florence, Lucy meets the charming and free-spirited George Emerson (the late Julian Sands, Crossbones). Although intrigued by George, once she’s back in England, Lucy ponders settling down with the wealthy, staid Cecil Vyse (Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln). When George reappears in her life, Lucy must decide between him and Cecil. A Room with a View begins streaming Thursday, August 17.

Another Country (UK)

Adapted from Julian Mitchell‘s play of the same name, this historical drama follows classmates and fellow outcasts Guy Bennett (Rupert Everett, My Best Friend’s Wedding) and Tommy Judd (Colin Firth, The King’s Speech), who find comfort in friendship during the 1930s at an elite British public school, where conformity is the norm. Openly gay Bennett must deal with bullying and homophobia, while Judd struggles to reconcile the expectations of the establishment with his own Marxist beliefs when he is given the opportunity to become head boy. Another Country begins streaming Thursday, August 17.

Above Suspicion: Seasons 1-4 (UK)

Created by award-winning writer Lynda La Plante from her “Anna Travis Mysteries” novels, this gripping crime thriller follows police partners DC Anna Travis (Kelly Reilly, Yellowstone) and DCI James Langton (Ciaran Hinds, Game of Thrones) as they investigate shocking crimes and seek to bring sadistic and merciless killers to justice. Under the unorthodox guidance of Langton, rookie Travis must negotiate a series of killings, shocking even to the most hardened detective, and defy the challenges of these brutal crimes to rise up the ranks of the police force. Above Suspicion: Seasons 1-4 begins streaming Tuesday, August 22, exclusively on BritBox.

Next of Kin (UK)

This drama series centers on Dr. Mona Harcourt (Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife), who learns that her brother, Kareem (Navin Chowdry, EastEnders), has been abducted in Pakistan, while London, where she and her husband, Guy (Jack Davenport, Pirates of the Caribbean), work, is hit by a terrorist attack. With rumors swirling around the whereabouts and possible actions of Mona’s nephew, Danny (Viveik Kalra, Blinded by the Light), a resolute Mona travels to Pakistan in the hope of keeping her family safe. Next of Kin begins streaming Wednesday, August 30, exclusively on BritBox.



Titles in this section begin streaming on the dates shown below on Hulu.

Bait (UK)

This BAFTA Film Award-winning drama centers on Martin Ward (Edward Rowe, C.B. Strike), a cove fisherman without a boat. His brother, Steven (Giles King, Cyrano), re-purposed their father’s vessel as a tourist tripper, driving a wedge between the brothers. With their childhood home now a getaway for London money, Martin is displaced to the estate above the picturesque harbor. As his struggle to restore the family to their traditional place creates increasing friction with tourists and locals alike, a tragedy at the heart of the family changes his world. Bait begins streaming Wednesday, August 9.

Enys Men (UK)

Set in 1973 on an uninhabited island off the Cornish coast, this horror film stars Mary Woodvine (Doc Martin) as a wildlife volunteer, whose daily observations of a rare flower turn into a metaphysical journey — one that challenges her grip on reality and pushes her into a living nightmare. Enys Men begins streaming Wednesday, August 9.

PBS Masterpiece logo

Titles in this section begin streaming on the dates shown below on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel.

The Last Enemy (UK)

Set in a Britain that has been transformed into a security state, this mystery thriller miniseries stars Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game, Sherlock) as Stephen Ezard, a mathematical genius whose search for the truth about his brother’s death launches him into a government conspiracy and a love affair. Costarring Anamaria Marinca (The Chelsea Detective), Max Beesley (Jamestown), and Robert Carlyle (Hamish Macbeth), amongst others, The Last Enemy begins streaming Friday, August 4.

Sundance Now logo

Titles in this section begin streaming on the dates shown below on Sundance Now and its digital channels, including Sundance Now on Amazon.

Bloodlands: Season 2 (UK)

Following on from the events in Season 1, Season 2 of this crime thriller sees the murder of a crooked accountant unravel a trail of greed that threatens to expose the true identity of the legendary assassin code-named Goliath. Between DCI Tom Brannick (James Nesbitt, Suspect, Cold Feet) and redemption stands the accountant’s widow, Olivia (Victoria Smurfit, Trial & Retribution), whose intentions may be far from innocent. As they try to solve the riddle the accountant left behind, they will scheme together while becoming more immersed in the puzzle of each other. Ultimately, Tom and Olivia will draw in Tom’s fellow officers, DS Niamh McGovern (Charlene McKenna, Clean Sweep), DCS Jackie Twomey (Lorcan Cranitch, Cracker), and DC “Birdy” Bird (Chris Walley, The Young Offenders), as well as his daughter, Izzy (Lola Pettigrew, Come Home), until deceit and betrayal build to a shattering climax. Bloodlands: Season 2 begins streaming Tuesday, August 1.

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British TV Premieres in August 2023: Chelsea Detective, Granite Harbour, Winter King & More