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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Wishes do come true! In this case, the wish that there be another series of the hit mystery program, Inspector Lewis, which ITV has commissioned. Hooray!

Inspector Lewis
Inspector Lewis © ITV

Stars Kevin Whately (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) and Laurence Fox (Island at War) had said that Series 7 (Season 6 in the US) would be their last full series as DI Robbie Lewis and DS James Hathaway, respectively, although they did leave the door open for reprising their beloved characters for one-off specials.

Steve November, ITV’s Director of Drama, went two better by commissioning not just one special but three new double-episode stories! Said he about the “perfect” detective duo, “Viewers have a great deal of respect for Inspector Lewis and a huge loyalty to Kevin Whately. Together with Laurence, he has forged a formidable partnership and we’re delighted to have them back on ITV.”

Viewers are, too.

Added Executive Producer Michele Buck, “Lewis has a special place in the hearts of the ITV audience. Each story is intriguing and complex and viewers relish the fine writing, acting and excellent production values.”

Yes, we do.

When the series returns, we learn that Hathaway had taken an extended break from the Oxford Police and has since been promoted to Detective Inspector. However, the on-the-job chemistry that he had with the now-retired Lewis is elusive, so the former DI is drafted back and their partnership is renewed.

Everything old is new again, sort of, as they come to terms with different dynamics in their relationship while they investigate more grisly murders in and around the university city of Oxford. But some things never change, including Lewis’ instinct for tracking murderers and unraveling motives and Hathaway’s deep thinking and erudite approach to solving crimes.

Inspector Lewis wouldn’t be Inspector Lewis without forensic pathologist (and Lewis’ love) Laura Hobson and Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent, and both Clare Holman (Inspector Morse) and Rebecca Front (The Thick of It) are reprising their respective roles as well.

Production on the new series of Inspector Lewis begins next month. Information has not yet been provided regarding its premiere date in the UK or if and when it will debut in the US (on PBS?), so stay tuned.



New Series of Inspector Lewis Commissioned!
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