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Moone Boy, the International Emmy winner for Best Comedy in 2012, will be cracking us up once again when its second series debuts in the UK and US in the upcoming weeks.

Moone Boy
Moone Boy – Courtesy of Hulu

Martin Moone is not your average preteen. Sure, lots of them might have wacky families, vivid imaginations, and harebrained schemes, but how many have an imaginary friend and a real-life friend with one of his own?

We don’t know either, but the titular Moone (David Rawle) is one who does.

It is 1990 when we next see Martin, and his life in Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland is just as fraught with pre-pubescent problems at home, at school, and in his own mind as it was the year before. Thankfully, he has Sean (Chris O’Dowd), a close friend and confidant that only he can see. (Well, except for Sean’s friends.)

Thus, it is to the older and wiser Sean that Martin turns for comfort and advice when the going gets tough, which is often. His parents have daft plots of their own (and a new arrival on the way), his siblings pull pranks that get the best of him, and adolescence is in the offing, including l-o-v-e. And there’s more Moone mayhem besides.

O’Dowd’s (The IT Crowd) childhood in Ireland makes for more comic fodder when his hit comedy Moone Boy returns for another six episodes this year. It premieres in February on Sky 1 in the UK, and in the US on the 24th of April, exclusively on Hulu under the Hulu Originals banner.



Best Comedy Moone Boy Returning with Series 2
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