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It’s been a month since the third season of Game of Thrones ended, and many a fan has been suffering the agony of having to wait until 2014 for the fantastical drama to continue. But there’s more than episode replays, cosplay, and Comic-Con to keep fans entertained until then…

Images courtesy of miniBIGS

Yes, I’m talking LEGO®!

Specifically, Throne of Bricks, the LEGO-compatible mini-figures created by Al Hernadi and the folks at miniBIGS.

(With all the gore, profanity, and bits of knickerlessness in each episode, amongst other things, official LEGO merchandise for Game of Thrones ain’t gonna happen.)

But it needn’t, because we have Throne of Bricks!

Series 1 includes five of the main GoT characters (at least from Season One):

  • Ned, Warden of the North
  • Jon the bastard
  • Arya Underfoot (with her prized sword)
  • Dany, Queen of Dragons (with one of her dragons, of course)
  • Tyrion the Imp (with one of his favorite accessories, a wine goblet)

The second printing of Series 1 is underway and expected to ship in August, so if you want one, act fast, because supplies are limited to 80 sets. Pre-order yours at the miniBIGS website, or the miniBIGS shop on Etsy US or Etsy UK.

As for Throne of Bricks: Series 2, it’s been green-lit, and you can be a creative consultant of sorts by casting your vote on the miniBIGS blog for the five characters you’d like to see in the new set. Here again, act quickly, because there are only a few days left to vote.


Game of Thrones + LEGO = Throne of Bricks!
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