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If you’re wondering, “What the frack is UWSAASTWCATTT,” it’s a new web series on YouTube that’s tailor made for Whovians.

UWSAASTWCATTT stands for Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time — a parody of Doctor Who. And it’s brilliant.

Created by Travis Richey, the actor who portrayed Inspector Spacetime in the fictional web series on the real NBC TV series, Community, UWSAASTWCATTT follows the adventures of The Inspector and his companion, Piper Tate. (Hah!) Here’s a clip of the series-within-a-series:

Even Amy Pond, I mean Karen Gillan, is a fan of Inspector Spacetime.

There are no Daleks but Circuit-Chaps in UWSAASTWCATTT, and instead of a sonic screwdriver The Inspector carries an optic pocket knife. And fans, well, they aren’t Whovians, of course, but Inspectators.

Season 1, Part 1 of UWSAASTWCATTT premiered last Monday.

And Part 2 goes live today. Check it out and have a laugh!

For more info about the webisodes, visit the UWSAASTWCATTT website at TheInspector.tv.