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July 4 fireworks

It’s Independence Day in the U.S. today, a day that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which declared this country’s independence from Great Britain. So it seems a tad ironic that this blog is all about the greatness of British TV and the attachment that many viewers in the States have to it.

Irony aside, I want to wish everyone a safe, fun and happy July 4th. And if you’d like to watch British TV shows or movies as part of your celebration festivities, below are some options.

(Since many people are still without power after the storms several days ago, let’s look at some online and in-theater viewing options for those who can access a wifi connection or a cinema.)

Film-wise, if you haven’t seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, it is still playing at some theaters. I saw it soon after it was released and think it is a sweet, funny and wonderful movie. The cast includes Dames Judy Dench and Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Dev Patel, and Penelope Wilton (whose character can be as tiresome as Isobel Crawley, the one she plays on Downton Abbey, but the movie is far from that).

Speaking of Downton Abbey, until Season 3 airs on PBS in 2013, you can watch all episodes of Season 1 and the original U.K. version of Season 2 on Amazon Instant Video. Season 1 is also available for streaming on Netflix and hulu.

Also streaming are some of my British and Irish TV favorites, including Black Books, Doc Martin, and Father Ted.

Over at the PBS Video site, you can still catch all three episodes of the British crime drama Zen, a show that I would love, love, love for the BBC to produce new episodes. (Yes, it’s great, and Rufus Sewell… well, let’s just say he alone is worth the watch, imo.) And if you missed the premiere of Masterpiece Mystery’s Endeavour, the prequel for the Inspector Morse series, you can watch it here, too.

Happy July 4th!


Happy July 4th!
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