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Get a glimpse of Scotland with these TV shows, set in Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Highlands, the Shetland Isles, and beyond.

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(Note: DVDs shown below might be for non-US regions and require a multi-region/region-free DVD player, which will play DVDs from both the US and other regions.)

Rebus (crime drama-mystery) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon


Rebus - Set 1

Rebus - Set 2

Rebus - Set 3

Rebus: The Ken Stott Collection

Shetland (crime drama-mystery) — Amazon Video, BritBox, BritBox on Amazon, iTunes

Shetland: Season One and Two

Shetland: Season 3

Shetland: Series 4

Shetland: Season Five

Still Game (comedy) — Netflix

Still Game: The Complete Series 1-6 Plus Christmas and Hogmanay Specials

Still Game Series 7

Still Game Series 8

Still Game Series 9

Still Game: The Complete Collection

Stonemouth (crime drama-mystery) — BritBox, BritBox on Amazon


Strathblair: Seasons 1-2 (period drama) — Prime Video

Taggart (crime drama-mystery) — BritBox, BritBox on Amazon

Taggart - Killer Set

Taggart - Death Call Set

Taggart - Cold Blood Set

Taggart - Root of Evil Set

Taggart - Evil Eye Set

Taggart - Violent Delights Set

Taggart - Hit Man Set

Taggart - Ring of Deceit Set

Taggart - Death Without Dishonour Set

Taggart - Hellfire Set

Taggart - Prayer for the Dead Set

Taggart: Set 1

Taggart: Set 2

Taggart: Set 3

Taggart - The Complete Collection

Tales of Para Handy (comedy) — Prime Video

Tales of Para Handy - Complete Series One & Two

A True Mismatch (period mystery drama) — Amazon Video

The Victim (drama) — BritBox, BritBox on Amazon

The Victim

Weegies (comedy) — Prime Video

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