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Kick off your weekend with stuff you can stream now on three new live channels on Roku, and mark your calendars for the US premiere of the latest Red Dwarf special.

British TV News Bits

Red Dwarf: The Promised Land

According to Doug Naylor, the co-creator of the Emmy® Award-winning sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf and one of the series’s writers, Red Dwarf: The Promised Land will launch in the US on BritBox on July 23rd.

This Red Dwarf special, which marks the show’s thirteenth outing, reunites the original cast, including Craig Charles (Coronation Street) as David Lister, Danny John-Jules (Death in Paradise) as Cat, Chris Barrie (Midsomer Murders) as Rummer, Robert Llewellyn (Alas Smith & Jones) as Kryten, and Norman Lovett (Last Contact) as Holly.

Three million years ago, Lister was put in suspended animation for smuggling his pregnant cat aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. While Lister remained in stasis, a radiation leak killed the rest of the crew — but not his cat. Safely sealed in the hold, his cat’s litter bred, evolving over millions of years into humanoid form. They now roam deep space in a fleet of their own. The posse meet three of these cats, who worship Lister as their god. Lister then vows to help them flee from Rodon (Ray Fearon, His Dark Materials), a ruthless feral cat and self-declared Cat King.

Here’s the sneak peek at the first five minutes of the special:

New Live Channels on The Roku Channel

For fans of British reality TV, there are three new, originally-created live channels on The Roku Channel that feature a host of shows from Endemol Shine Group’s content archive.

Specialist true crime brand Reel Truth Crime features compelling crime content, such as Ross Kemp On Gangs, as well as Down Under TV series Crime Investigation Australia. DIY Daily, a home, garden, and lifestyle channel, showcases popular series including Restoration Home and Build a New Life in the Country; and Wipeout Xtra is home to some of the most popular physical game shows, such as the UK version of Total Wipeout hosted by Richard Hammond (Top Gear).


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Brit TV News Bits: Red Dwarf Special Headed to US + New Live Channels on Roku
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