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Ah, life at uni. For the Manchester Medlock University students who reside at 28 Hartnell Avenue, it most definitely is not all about books and grades, and their second year is just as jacked up as their first.

Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat – Courtesy of Hulu

The latest season of Fresh Meat finds the housemates back at their off-campus abode and up to more bad than good, as usual. Well, most of them, anyway.

Josie (Kimberly Nixon, Hebburn) has transferred to Southampton, and freshman Candice (Faye Marsay, The White Queen) has taken her place. Having been home-schooled, she has more to learn at uni than just school subjects, so Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie, Doctors) takes Candice under her wing.

Meanwhile, Vod (Zawe Ashton, Case Histories), who’d traveled abroad with Oregon during summer break, has a spot of bother to deal with, namely Javier (Peter Gadiot, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland). Her summer fling has turned up in Manchester, and he’s decided to stay. With her. Not cool.

As for the guys, Howard (Greg McHugh, Gary Tank Commander) and JP (Jack Whitehall, Bad Education) are still scheming to get girls, and Kingsley (Joe Thomas, The Inbetweeners) still has one girl too many.

All that plus the return of Josie, the continued advances of Tony Shales, the appearance of Vod’s mum, and more, are in store when the third season of the multi-award-winning Fresh Meat debuts in the US exclusively on Hulu this Sunday, 9 February, 2014.



Fresh Season of Award-Winning Fresh Meat
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