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The BBC released today a specially-created trailer and an exclusive image featuring the 11 doctors in celebration of the last 50 years of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor
Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor © BBC

The minute-long trailer, which debuted tonight on BBC One, time-travels fans through the past 50 years of Doctor Who and shows all of the Doctors as they first appeared on screen, including William Hartnell in high-res color for the first time ever. Check it out below.

While there is no actual footage from the special 50th Anniversary episode in the trailer, there are voice-overs from Matt Smith and a Dalek! So, as the 11th Doctor would say, “It’s cool.”

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor stars Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman, and Billie Piper. It premieres on 23 November 2013 (time TBA) via a worldwide simulcast.

BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the US, as well as other BBC channels across the globe, are also gearing up for Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary by airing special programming on television and radio in the weeks leading up to and culminating with The Day of the Doctor.

Thirty-five days and counting!



Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor: Trailer and Exclusive Image
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