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PBS has announced dates for the new season of Foyles’ War on Masterpiece: Mystery!

Foyle's War
Foyle’s War – Courtesy of Amazon

Michael Kitchen returns to U.S. television as fan favorite Christopher Foyle in the latest season of Foyle’s War.

“World War II may be over, but Christopher Foyle’s war against injustice and wrongdoing rages on,” said Masterpiece Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton. “His very loyal American fans will be thrilled.”

Yes, we are, especially since there hasn’t been a new episode of Foyle’s War since 2010.

When we last saw Foyle, he had retired from the Hastings police and was intent on going to America to “tie up some loose ends.”

In the Series 7 opener, it’s 1946, and Foyle is back in the UK from the U.S. He also gets recruited into MI-5, where he’s reunited with his former driver Samantha “Sam” Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks). She’s Sam Wainwright now, having married Adam, who’s launching his bid for a seat in Parliament.

Michael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks – Image Credit: Eleventh Hour / ITV for Acorn Media

In this post-World War II / pre-Cold War time, Foyle gets fully enmeshed in the world of espionage, gathering intelligence for the security and defense of Great Britain and discovering that the British Government is full of Communist sympathizers and traitors.

The three new feature-length episodes — “The Eternity Ring,” “The Cage” and “Sunflower” — will air on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery! on consecutive Sundays beginning 15 September from 9:00-10:30PM Eastern. (Check your local listings.)


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“Foyle’s War: Series VII” Premieres This Fall
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