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In anticipation of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, let’s take a look at all of the ones that have aired to date.

“The Dalek’s Master Plan: The Feast of Steven”
The first Doctor Who Christmas episode was “The Feast of Steven,” which was Part 7 of “The Dalek’s Master Plan” 12-episode story. It aired on 25 December 1965 during the time of the First Doctor.

Unfortunately, most of the video footage is missing. All is not lost, though, as videos of “The Feast of Steven” have been reconstructed using photos and the audio soundtrack or recreated using animation.

So take a look at The Doctor breaking the fourth wall and let him wish you a Happy Christmas!

The Unquiet Dead” (2005)

Although this episode aired on 9 April instead of 25 December, the story takes place in Cardiff on Christmas Eve 1869, when the Ninth Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens and the clairvoyant Gwyneth, and contend with the aliens the Gelths.

The Christmas Invasion” (2005)
After regenerating, the Tenth Doctor is still recovering from taking in the TARDIS’ energy (from “The Parting of Ways“). The question is: Will he be back to his full Time Lord self in time to save the world from the Sycorax as these aliens try to enslave the human race?

The Runaway Bride” (2006)
It’s Christmas Eve and the wedding day of Donna Noble, but instead of making it down the aisle, she ends up on the TARDIS. In trying to get her back to the church, Donna and The Doctor end up encountering the Empress of Racnoss, whose star-shaped ship isn’t a celestial holiday ornament.

Voyage of the Damned” (2007)
After The Doctor gets the bow of the luxury cruise ship Titanic out of the TARDIS, he stows away on the spaceship for a bit of fun. There he meets Astrid and does battle with the Host.

The Next Doctor” (2008)
It’s Christmas Eve, 1851. The Doctor is in London, where he meets… The Doctor. They in turn meet and must defeat the Cybermen, Miss Mercy Hartigan, and the Cyberking.

The End of Time, Part 1” (2009)
The Ood have prophesied the return of The Master and the death of The Doctor. And on Christmas Eve, disciples of The Master resurrect him. Will the events that follow be the final showdown between him and The Doctor? (“The End of Time, Part 2 aired as the New Year’s special on 1 January 2010).

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol” (2010)
The scrooge here is Kazran Sardick. If the Eleventh Doctor can’t convince Sardick to change his ways, Amy and Rory and everyone else trapped aboard a spaceship that’s about to crash won’t escape death.

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” (2011)
On Christmas Eve, 1941, The Doctor sets out to fulfill Madge Arwell’s wish and give her two children the best Christmas ever. His gift, a portal to another planet, leads them to a tower where the Wooden Queen and King need their help to save the Androzani tree species from extinction.

The Snowmen(2012)
Details coming soon. See “Review: Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Happy Christmas!!!


Doctor Who Christmas Episodes
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