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Today is Black Friday in the U.S., and in the Whoniverse it’s the day to celebrate 49 years of Doctor Who, one of the best, if not the best, sci-fi shows ever!

Doctor Who
Courtesy of Torquemada via fanpop

Who would have thought, when “An Unearthly Child aired on this date back in 1963, that Doctor Who would still be on the air today, and with new episodes to boot, not just in reruns? And that William Hartnell and every actor who’s played The Doctor after him would be cult figures for millions of fans around the world?

One thing is certain: Time has been good to the Time Lord. He’s had eleven incarnations over the past half century, and he doesn’t look a day over 30!

Like many Whovians in the States, I didn’t know Doctor Who even existed until a PBS station in my area began airing episodes with Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor and my first. I thought he was a bit of a nutter, but his eccentricities were a part of the show’s appeal, as were the aliens, monsters, and companions. They still are.

Speaking of companions, most of my Whovian friends would jump at the chance to be one. I, on the other hand, am iffy about it. Don’t get me wrong. I’d relish the opportunity to travel across time and space and meet people such as Shakespeare and entities such as the Face of Boe (in its Face and Captain Jack Harkness forms). It’s the mortal danger I could do without. I already can’t look at statues of angels without wondering if it’s safe for me to blink, so imagine how freaked I’d be if I heard thunderous footsteps. Cybermen? Judoon? Ack!

That said, one thing that I am absolutely positive about is that I would love to have a functioning TARDIS and sonic screwdriver… Yeah, I know, get in line.

But enough about my Christmas wish list, and back to the anniversary!

What’s a celebration without cake? And what’s a Doctor Who celebration without a TARDIS? (One that’s about as much fun as being stuck in “Gridlock.”) Here, then, are the two in one: a TARDIS cake.

Likewise, no Doctor Who festivity is complete without at least one alien or monster, so here’s a no-bake way to get your Dalek on.

As for companions, I’m sure you have plenty, so I wish you all a fabulous fete.

And to everyone affiliated with Doctor Who, Happy 49th Anniversary!

Let the countdown to the 50th Anniversary begin!

Have a fab weekend!


Happy (49th) Anniversary, Doctor Who!
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