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Five months from today, Season 3 of Downton Abbey will premiere on PBS in the U.S. If your experience of time is like mine, then time is flying by but new episodes of Downton can’t arrive soon enough. So, until they do, here are a few things that might help ease the wait a bit.

Keep calm because Downton Abbey starts soon - tweet
Courtesy of #hannah_chipmunk

While these aren’t the real Downton deal, they are hilarious. How many stars of British TV can you spot?

And here’s a little something that the Earl of Grantham himself, Hugh Bonneville, felt obliged to share about Mr. Bates in his own way. I think it says what we all feel.

Courtesy of PBS

(Speaking of Bates, check out the Tumbler blog, the Mr. Bates Legal Team. It’s great. You can also follow the MBLT Twitter feed at @mrbateslegal.)

And Downton has been at the Olympics! Even Daisy and Mrs. Patmore were out and about! And Mr. Bates, too!

Downton Abbey cast at London 2012 Olympics
Courtesy of #hughbon
Downton Abbey cast at London 2012 Olympics
Courtesy of #hughbon

So remember: Keep calm, because Downton Abbey premieres on January 6, 2013.


A Bit of Downton Abbey Fun
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