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After TV shows from England, programs from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland make up the second largest group of titles from across the pond that are available in the US.

Flag of Ireland

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(Note: DVDs shown below might be for non-US regions and require a multi-region/region-free DVD player, which will play DVDs from both the US and other regions.)

Father Ted (comedy) — Amazon Video, BritBox, BritBox on Amazon, iTunes, Prime Video

Father Ted - The Holy Trilogy

Finding Joy (comedy) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon, Amazon Video, AMC+, AMC+ on Amazon, iTunes

Finding Joy: Series 1

Finding Joy Series 2

Firefighters (documentary) — Freevee

First Dates (Eire) (reality) — HBO Max

Foreign Exchange (family fantasy-adventure) — Prime Video

Garda Down Under (reality) — no longer available

Grace Hart (drama, shown in Irish with English subtitles) — MHz Choice, MHz Choice on Amazon

The Great House Revival (reality) — Hulu

Great Irish Journeys with Martha Kearney (documentary) — Prime Video

Great Lighthouses of Ireland (documentary) — Prime Video

Flag of Northern Ireland Greatest Gardens (reality) — Prime Video, Tubi

The Hanging Gale (period drama) — Amazon Video

The Hanging Gale

Hardy Bucks (comedy) — Netflix

Hardy Bucks

Harry Wild (mystery) — Acorn TV

Helicopter Search and Rescue (reality) — Prime Video, Tubi

Hidden Assets (mystery-crime thriller) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon

Home of the Year: Ireland (reality) — Prime Video, Tubi

Flag of Northern Ireland Hope Street (crime drama) — BritBox, BritBox on Amazon

Flag of Northern Ireland The Hotel Fixers (reality) — Prime Video

Flag of Northern Ireland Inside the Merchant (documentary) — Prime Video

Ireland with Ardal O’Hanlon (travel documentary) — Prime Video

Ireland with Ardal O'Hanlon

Ireland’s Greatest Robberies (documentary) — Prime Video, Tubi

Ireland’s West Coast (documentary) — no longer available

The Irish Mob (documentary) — Freevee

Jack Taylor (crime drama/mystery) — Acorn TV, Acorn TV on Amazon, Amazon Video, iTunes

Jack Taylor, Set 1

Jack Taylor, Set 2

Jack Taylor, Set 3

John Lonergan’s Circus (documentary) — Prime Video

Kin (drama) — AMC+

The Lazy Chef (cooking) — Prime Video

LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland (comedy) — Prime Video

Lords and Ladies (reality) — no longer available

Love/Hate (drama) — Amazon Video, Prime Video

The Lovers (comedy) — Sundance NowSundance Now on Amazon, AMC+AMC+ on Amazon

The Missing Children (documentary) — Topic, Topic on Amazon

Miss Scarlet and the Duke (Mystery-crime drama) (US-Ireland) — PBS, PBS Masterpiece on Amazon, PBS Passport

Moone Boy (comedy) — Amazon Video, BritBoxBritBox on Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Prime Video

Moone Boy - Series 1 & 2

Moone Boy: The Complete Series

Normal People (drama) — Hulu

Flag of Northern Ireland Paul and Nick’s Big Food Trip (travel-food) — Prime Video

Flag of Northern Ireland Paul and Nick’s Big American Food Trip (travel-food) — Prime Video

Flag of Northern Ireland Paul and Nick’s Big Canadian Food Trip (travel-food) — Prime Video

Proof (drama) — Freevee

Proof: Season 1

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Also available in the US are shows from Canada, Scotland, and Wales.

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