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Television viewers have made their opinions known, as Television Without Pity has announced the winners and recipients of less dubious achievements of the 2013 Tubey Awards.

“Discerning television ‘junkies'” cast millions of votes in more than 100 categories that celebrate and pan the hits and misses of television programs, actors, characters, and plotlines for the most recent television season. And this being the Tubey’s 10-year anniversary, there were winners for shows of the past decade, too.

Here are the highlights for British TV shows:

2012-2013 Season Tubey Winners

Game of Thrones(HBO)

  • Best Drama
  • Best Cable Show
  • Best Returning Show
  • Best Season or Series Finale
  • Best Single Episode: Drama: “The Rains of Castamere”
  • Best “WTF” Moment: “Red Wedding” episode
  • Best “Hell Yeah” Moment: “Dracarys!”
  • Best Guest Star: Diana Rigg
  • Best Almost-Romantic-But-Not-Quite Relationship: Jamie and Brienne
  • Most Painful Romantic Break-Up: Jon Snow and Ygritte

Downton Abbey(PBS)

  • Best Period Drama
  • Best Use of an Oscar Winner: Maggie Smith
  • Worst Payoff: Matthew Dies In A Random Car Crash

Doctor Who(BBC America)

  • Best Imported Show on U.S. TV

2003-2012 Ten Year Tubey Winners

Doctor Who(BBC America)

  • Best Performance By An Inanimate Object: The TARDIS

To see the full list of winners, visit the Television Without Pity website.



2013 Tubey Awards: British TV Winners
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