You had to have known that this list was coming, right?

Flag of Ireland

The lists just keep on a-comin’! (See the ones for shows from Scotland and Wales that you can stream in the US, ditto that from Australia and New Zealand, and the Brit+ titles you can download from Netflix.)

And no list of lists about TV shows from across the pond that you can stream stateside would be complete without one for programs from the Emerald Isle.

All but three of the titles listed below are set in the Republic of Ireland. The UK production The Fall and the multinational co-production Titanic: Blood and Steel are set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the Irish production Dominion Creek is set mostly in Canada’s Yukon.

  1. 1916: The Irish Rebellion (documentary) — Amazon Video, iTunes, public TV stations
  2. The Ambassador (political drama) — Amazon Video, public TV stations
  3. Amber (drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes
  4. Clean Break (drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes, Vudu
  5. The Clinic (drama) — Acorn TV
  6. Dominion Creek (An Klondike, period drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes (original Gaelic version), Vudu
  7. Flag of Northern Ireland The Fall (crime drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix, Vudu
  8. Father Ted (comedy) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Tubi TV
  9. The Hanging Gale (period drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video
  10. Jack Taylor (crime drama/mystery) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix, public TV stations
  11. Love/Hate (drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu
  12. Moone Boy (comedy) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Vudu, public TV stations
  13. Raw (drama) — Tubi TV
  14. Rebellion (historical drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix
  15. Red Rock (soap opera) — Amazon Video
  16. Single-Handed (crime drama/mystery) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes
  17. Tales of Irish Castles (documentary) — Netflix, public TV stations
  18. Flag of Northern Ireland Titanic: Blood and Steel (historical drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Vudu
  19. Trivia (comedy) — Acorn TV, Hulu
  20. Troubles (period drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video

Perennial favorite Ballykissangel isn’t available for streaming now, but it is a staple on many public TV stations’ British TV schedules, so check your local listings.

And humor me on this next one. Mrs Brown’s Boys, a silly, profanity-filled, filmed-live sitcom (whose bottom-line message is always about love and family), isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but to me it’s fabulous. The likelihood of it streaming (legally) in the States is slim (but here’s hoping), so mosey over to YouTube for episodes that other fans have posted, or get the DVD of the complete series, produced specifically for US DVD players. It’s great craic, this!


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20 Irish TV Shows You Can Stream in the US Right Now
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