For stateside fans who can’t get enough of programs from Down Under, here’s a handy guide to titles from Australia and New Zealand and where you can watch them in the US.

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UPDATED 19 February 2017

Clearly I’ve been in list mode lately, having published “100 British, Australian, New Zealander, and Canadian TV Shows You Can Download from Netflix” and “20 Euro TV Shows & 20 Euro Films You Can Download from Netflix Right Now” over the past couple of days.

Today what I have for you is an update of another singular resource: where to stream (and in some cases watch on broadcast telly) 101 103 TV shows from Australia and New Zealand in the US.

In addition to the usual suspects of Acorn TV, Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix, the free, advertising-supported Tubi TV and the subscription-based Vibrant TV (which has an ad-aupported option, as well) are two other streaming sites where you’ll find Aussie and Kiwi shows, many that you won’t find anywhere else.

Many series from Down Under that used to be on Hulu are now on Tubi TV, which also has a number of exclusives, including seven of the ten “Underbelly” true-crime drama titles, legal drama Circuit, and crime dramedy Outrageous Fortune.

More shows from the Southern Hemisphere will be making their way north to the Western one, for sure, so until the next update… g’day!


  1. All Saints (medical drama) — Hulu, Tubi TV, Yahoo View
  2. ANZAC Girls (historical drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes
  3. At Home with Julia (comedy) — Vibrant TV
  4. Bess of Both Worlds (comedy) — Hulu
  5. Better Man (drama) — Netflix, Tubi TV
  6. Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms (drama) — Tubi TV
  7. Canal Road (drama) — Tubi TV
  8. The Circuit (legal drama) — Tubi TV
  9. City Homicide (crime drama) — Hulu, Tubi TV, Yahoo View
  10. Cleverman (drama) — Amazon Video, Netflix
  11. Cloudstreet (period drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video
  12. The Code (crime thriller) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix
  13. Correlli (prison drama) — Amazon Video
  14. Dance Academy (drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix
  15. Danger 5 (comedy/adventure) — Netflix
  16. Deep Water (Crime Drama) — Acorn TV
  17. The Doctor Blake Mysteries (mystery) — Amazon Video, public TV stations
  18. Double Trouble (family) — Vibrant TV
  19. Dreamland (aka Utopia) (comedy) — Netflix
  20. East/West 101 (police drama) — Amazon Video
  21. The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting (sketch comedy) — Amazon Video, Netflix
  22. Farscape (science fiction) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix, Vuduicon
  23. Glitch (supernatural drama) — Netflix
  24. The Gods of Wheat Street (drama) — Netflix
  25. House Husbands (dramedy) — Hulu, Yahoo View
  26. Housos (comedy) — Netflix, Tubi TV
  27. Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War (drama) — Tubi TV
  28. Ja’mie: Private School Girl (comedy) — Amazon Video, HBO Go/Now, iTunes, Vuduicon
  29. Jack Irish (mystery) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes
  30. Janet King (legal drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, public TV stations
  31. Kath & Kim (comedy) — Acorn TV, Hulu, iTunes, Yahoo View
  32. Kings in Grass Castles (historical drama) — Amazon Video
  33. Laid (comedy) — Netflix
  34. The Librarians (comedy) — Hulu, Yahoo View
  35. Love Is a Four-Letter Word (drama) — Vibrant TV
  36. McLeod’s Daughters (drama) — Amazon Video, Hulu, Tubi TV, Yahoo View
  37. Miss Fisher’s Murder MysteriesAcorn TV, Amazon Video, Netflix, public TV stations
  38. The Moodys (comedy) — Hulu, Yahoo View
  39. Mr & Mrs Murder (mystery) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes, public TV stations
  40. My Place (family) — Vibrant TV
  41. Offspring (drama) — Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo View
  42. Pacific Heat (animated comedy) — Netflix
  43. Packed to the Rafters (dramedy) — Hulu, Yahoo View
  44. Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo (drama) — Tubi TV
  45. Paper Giants: Magazine Wars (drama) — Tubi TV
  46. A Place to Call Home (romantic drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes, public TV stations
  47. Please Like Me (dramedy) — Amazon Video, Hulu, iTunes, Yahoo View
  48. The Principal (crime drama) — Hulu, Netflix
  49. Puberty Blues (drama) — Tubi TV
  50. Rake (legal dramedy) — Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix
  51. Redfern Now (drama) — Netflix, Vibrant TV
  52. Reef Doctors (medical drama) — Hulu, Yahoo View
  53. Restaurant Australia (reality) — Netflix
  54. Review with Myles Barlow (comedy) — Hulu, Yahoo View
  55. Rush (police drama) — Hulu, Tubi TV, Yahoo View
  56. Sea Patrol (action/adventure) — Tubi TV
  57. Secrets & Lies (crime thriller) — Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix
  58. Serangoon Road (crime drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes
  59. The Slap (drama) — Acorn TV, Hulu, iTunes, Yahoo View
  60. SLiDE (dramedy) — Amazon Video, iTunes
  61. Small Time Gangster (drama) — Netflix
  62. The Straits (crime drama) — Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo View
  63. The Strange Calls (comedy) — HuluNetflix
  64. Swift and Shift Couriers (comedy) — Netflix
  65. Tales by Light (documentary) — Netflix
  66. Tangle (drama) — Tubi TV
  67. Under Capricorn (period drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video
  68. Underbelly: War on the Streets (S1) (true crime drama) — Amazon Video
  69. Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities (S2, 1st prequel) — Amazon Video
  70. Underbelly: The Golden Mile (S3, 2nd prequel) (true crime drama) — Amazon Video
  71. Underbelly: Razor (S4, 3rd prequel) (true crime drama) — Tubi TV
  72. Underbelly: Badness (S5) (true crime drama) — Tubi TV
  73. Underbelly: Squizzy (S6) (true crime drama) — Amazon VideoTubi TV
  74. Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here (telefilm 1) (true crime drama) — Tubi TV
  75. Underbelly Files: Infiltration (telefilm 2) (true crime drama) — Tubi TV
  76. Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away (telefilm 3) (true crime drama) — Tubi TV
  77. Very Small Business — HuluYahoo View
  78. Water Rats (crime drama) — Tubi TV
  79. Wentworth (prison drama) — Amazon Video, Netflix
  80. Wild Boys (period drama) — Hulu, Yahoo View
  81. Wilfred (comedy) — Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, Tubi TV, Yahoo View
  82. Winter (crime drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video
  83. Wonderland (romantic dramedy) — Hulu, Yahoo View
  84. Worst Year of My Life, Again! (comedy) — Netflix

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  1. 800 Words (Drama) — Acorn TV
  2. The Almighty Johnsons (drama) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix, Vuduicon
  3. The Blue Rose (crime dramedy) — Acorn TV
  4. The Brokenwood Mysteries (mystery) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes
  5. Diplomatic Immunity (comedy) — Tubi TV
  6. Filthy Rich (drama) — Hulu
  7. Go Girls (dramedy) — Tubi TV
  8. Harry (crime drama) — Acorn TV, Amazon Video, iTunes, Vuduicon
  9. The Insiders Guide to Happiness (drama) — Vibrant TV
  10. Jackson’s Wharf (drama) — Tubi TV
  11. Maddigan’s Quest (fantasy drama) — Tubi TV
  12. The Man Who Lost His Head (dramedy) — Acorn TV
  13. Nothing Trivial (drama) — Acorn TV
  14. Outrageous Fortune (crime dramedy) — Tubi TV
  15. Testing the Menu (reality) — Netflix
  16. The Strip (dramedy) — Vibrant TV
  17. Top of the Lake (mystery) — Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix, Vuduicon
  18. True Crime (docudrama) — Netflix
  19. Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud (true crime drama) — Tubi TV

For cooking and food-competition shows, see “26 British, Aussie, Irish, and Kiwi Cooking and Competition Shows Streaming in the US.” For children’s shows, see “25 Family-Friendly British and Australian TV Shows for Children of All Ages.”

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Extensive List of Programs from Australia & New Zealand + Where to Watch Them in the US (UPDATED)
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