In the world of British TV in the US, Tubi TV might not be top of mind when it comes to streaming services. Here are seven reasons why it should be.

Tubi TV

1. You can watch all Tubi TV content for free.

Tubi TV is an ad-supported streaming service that lets you watch British TV shows and films and the rest of its 40,000+ titles gratis. Ads are included in all programs, but select titles also have an ad-free rental option ($0.99 per video for 24 hours using Roku only).

2. You can stream certain content* on Hulu to your telly and digital devices using Tubi TV.

Hulu is great. However, if you want to stream shows from Hulu to your telly, mobile phone, or tablet, you must have a subscription to Hulu Plus.

Since there is some overlap between shows available on Hulu and Tubi TV, you can use Tubi TV to stream the programs they have in common to your telly. For example:

  • InjusticeComedy: Black Books, The Book Group, Father Ted, Great Night Out, The Inbetweeners, The Kumars at No. 42, Outnumbered, Peep Show, Plus One, The Worst Week of My Life
  • Crime Drama/Mystery: Five Days, Injustice, Inspector Morse, The Take, Vera
  • Drama: Kingdom, Lip Service, Lost in Austen, The Runaway, Top Boy
  • Dramedy: Bonkers, Cold Feet, Shameless
  • Period Drama: The Camomile Lawn
  • Supernatural Drama: Apparitions, Eternal Law

3. You can stream certain content* on Acorn TV and Netflix US without having a subscription by using Tubi TV.

Very few programs on these SVoD services are on Tubi TV. (A good thing, too, or else why have the subscriptions, right?) Here are the titles that currently overlap with Tubi TV.

  • Crime Drama/Mystery: The Broker’s Man
  • Drama: The Palace, Wild at Heart

4. You can stream certain content* on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu, without having to pay by episode or season with Tubi TV.

Unless your intention is to purchase these shows for download, you can watch them on Tubi TV without spending a penny.

  • Comedy: Honest, Reggie Perrin
  • Crime Drama/Mystery: Vincent
  • Drama: Queer as Folk
  • Period Drama: Lilies, Moll Flanders

5. You can stream shows from Australia, Canada, and New Zealand on Tubi TV.*

Tubi TV has shows from other parts of the British Commonwealth, too.

  • WilfredAustralia: Canal Road (drama), City Homicide (Crime Drama), McLeod’s Daughters (drama), Sea Patrol (drama), Underbelly (crime drama), Wilfred (dramedy)
  • Canada: Durham County (crime drama/mystery), InSecurity (comedy)
  • New Zealand: Diplomatic Immunity (comedy), Go Girls (dramedy), Jackson’s Wharf (drama), Maddigan’s Quest (fantasy drama), Outrageous Fortune (crime dramedy), Underbelly NZ

6. You can stream British TV shows unavailable anywhere else in the US*.

The name of the game in streaming is exclusive content, and Tubi TV currently has a number of exclusive titles, including:

  • Action Drama: Ultimate Force
  • Crime Drama: The Ghost Squad, He Kills Coppers
  • Documentary: Edwardian Farm, Fake or Fortune?, Guarding the Queen, Royal Upstairs Downstairs, Victorian Farm, Victorian Pharmacy
  • Drama: Crash, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Smoke, Torn
  • Medical Drama: The Royal

7. You can stream all Tubi TV content to your computer, telly, and mobile devices.

You can watch Tubi TV shows on your desktop computer, laptop, television, and 100+ digital devices.

To watch them on your computer, mosey over to the Tubi TV website.

Content can be streamed to Android and Apple mobile devices by downloading and installing the free Tubi TV app from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

For streaming programs to your TV, you need  to:

  • Add the free Tubi TV channel to your Roku or Amazon Fire TV, or
  • Download Tubi TV to a compatible model of Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray player, or
  • Download and install the free Tubi TV app to Google Chromecast or an Xbox 360 or Xbox One video game console.

Once you’ve set up your device(s), fire up Tubi TV and get watching.

* Program availability on Tubi TV and other streaming services is as of this writing. If certain shows are not available on Tubi TV or the other services in the future, it could be due to any one of a number of reasons. Also note that Tubi TV does not necessarily have all seasons/episodes of shows available on the other streaming services.


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Tubi TV: 7 Reasons to Use This Streaming Service for British TV
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